SMK Fridays #32 “Art in the Making”

On February 9th, 2018, FSK – Foreningen for Samtidskunst was invited by Statens Museum for Kunst in Copenhagen to contribute to SMK Fridays #32 “Art in the Making” – a night of performances, music and talks with free entrance to the museum from 4 PM to 10 PM.

FSK took this occasion to present a preview of EC1 24H, with five of the artists that are part of our programme presenting two constantly changing installations and three site-specific experimental performances. While the installations kept on growing and developing, the performers presented their pieces several times along the night: this made the interaction each time new and different due to the changes in the environment, setting and audience.

The installations and performances took place in two fascinating spaces at SMK: Edvard Weie’s room (1879 – 1943), that hosts a selection of artworks by one of the most influential Danish Modernist painters, and the sketching room, where twelve plaster sculptures from The Royal Cast Collection pose for all drawing enthusiasts who might want to portray them.

Thanks to all the ones who joined us – and for the ones that could not attend, here we share the programme and a selection of pictures from the night. Cheers!

the programme

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Installation: Robot arms in an electroacoustic soundscape
(Edvard Weie’s room)
Through fragile and noisy robot arms, artist Alex Mørch investigates sound features and resonances

Installation: Tang, light cone and helium balloons
(Sketching room)
In the work Fragmented Truths, artist Marie Dahl investigates people’s unconscious and conscious quest for truth

Performance: Cyborg in the making
(Edvard Weie’s room)
In her performance, artist Maria Nadia explores myths, cyborgs and a mirrored reality.

Performance: 1 + 1 = 3 [30 sekunder]
(Edvard Weie’s room & Sketching room)
Nothing is agreed and everything is allowed. Artist Kristian Hverring examines the experience of time in an improvised creative process with another person.

Performance: Så sagde vi gerne, at jeg var her
(Edvard Weie’s room & Sketching room)
In her performance, artist and choreographer Runa Norheim draws attention to what does not yet exist.

photo gallery