Sara Ludvig & Ragnhild Elisabeth

Curators of DAY 11 / Wed, April 25
Artists: Avon Bashida, Zuhra Hilal, Signe Maria, Sidsel Lehn Mehlsen, Laura Guiseppi

Sara Ludvig and Ragnhild Elisabeth

Sara Ludvig (b. 1994, Denmark) and Ragnhild Elisabeth (b. 1997, Denmark) both have a background from Art History in Copenhagen, though Sara stopped her studies and Ragnhild still being a student. Together they wish to examine, explore and expand art and its framework. They work with mixed media in the contemporary art, inspired by philosophy, poetry and technology. Their interests concerns creating ambivalent experiences which attract and repel at the same time.

Project for EC1 24H CPH

The exhibition is based on the term qualitative time, which means that every moment reaches both back and forth. In a collaboration between five artists, we seek to include the viewer in a sensuous manner and thereby focus on time – here and now.

Curators Sara Ludvig and Ragnhild Elisabeth are respectively art history drop out and art history student. Together they wish to examine and expand art and its scopes.

All of the artists of the exhibition work in mixed media. Avon Bashida turns stories upside down to create new meaning. She will contribute with performance and sound in collaboration with Zuhra Hilal. Hilal primarily works with the interpretation of the female sexuality. Signe Maria compares the human with butterflies and their need to hide in cocoons. Her contribution will be a sensuous installation and scent which she will create in collaboration with Sidsel Lehn Mehlsen. The practice of Mehlsen evolves around the human as well and its relation to public and private space. Laura Guiseppi asks questions about the being and staging of objects. She will contribute with installation and taste.

Welcome in time and space.

sara ragnhild