Runa Norheim

Artist of DAY 2 / Mon, April 16
Curator: Julie Jane Nissen (DK)


Runa Norheim (NO) is an artist working within the intersection of choreography, post dramatic theater and performance.

Her starting point is often architecture and spatial processes, and the work is therefore usually developed through and for its immediate surroundings.
She explores arbitrary aspects and perspectives of perception, representation and semiotics, emphasizing the relationship between the audience and the concepts. The audience plays a central role in her projects, and is invited to actively share responsibility for their experience.
Norheim uses language, and more specifically description as media and choreographic strategy to increase the audience awareness of their role as co-creators of the work and its surroundings. The audience is encouraged to use their imagination as a form of spectatorship and interaction with the situation.
The titles of her projects often reflect the mechanisms, context and material at stake. Piece for Ear defenders, Choreography for Car, Choreography for Eyes, Choreography for Hörsalen and Choreography for Dansens Hus to name a few.
Parallel to her own work she also collaborates with different artists as an initiator, dramaturge and performer.

Runa Norheim holds an MA in Choreography from DOCH, Stockholm University of the Arts (SE) and a BA in acting from The Norwegian Theater Academy, Østfold University College (NO) and Post-dramatic Theatre studies at Dartington College of Arts (UK).

Project for EC1 24H CPH

I would be here

Runa Norheim encourages awareness towards the immediate surroundings and what is not yet here. In a performance she uses description as both observation and manipulation of the situation and context. Norheim explores how we relate to each other in various settings. Through language and gestures she invites us into a world in the making, where we becomes co-creators of the work.

Runa Norheim, “I would be here”, performance at National Gallery of Denmark, 2018. Photo: Pete Lamberto