Pete Lamberto

Curator of DAY 1 / Sun, April 15
Artist: Max Negrelli (D)

Curator of DAY 9 / Mon, April 24
Artist: Tiago Casanova (PT)

Pete Lamberto

Pete Lamberto (b. 1980, Denmark/Philippines), photographer and curator. Originally with a background in the film- and fashion industry, Lamberto returned to photography in 2008 with a main focus on portraits and the contemporary field. He has since been exhibiting in galleries and art festivals in Denmark, Germany and Poland, and published in renowned magazines and blogs such as KaltBlut Magazine, Vangardist Magazine, The Advocate, Ignant and If You Leave.

Projects for EC1 24H CPH

Mattlack Radio

Artist: Max Negrelli 
Mattlack Radio is an independent internet radio show with a flexible polyphonic and multicultural structure. While loosely following traditional notions of radio programming, Mattlack Radio aims to explore alternative aspects of radio journalism, interviewing, moderating and music engineering by breaking with familiar understandings and expectations of voice, timing, language and sound ‘quality’.

One conceit of the show will deal with different qualities and abilities of hearing and listening, exploring scientific and artistic research about the ear, the brain and the body.

For its first streaming, Mattlack Radio will set up a one-day studio situation at LOKALE in Copenhagen where, in addition to guest contributions from around the world, several live interventions will occur.

The show will be streamed through the Athens-based radio station Circuits on Air:

Test to the mnemonic ability of photography

Artist: Tiago Casanova
Test to the mnemonic ability of photography
aims to question the meaning of Memory, through the documentary function of Photography, and the exploration of concepts such as Lost & Found, Recovery, Restoration, Conservation and Destruction of personal archives and memories.

Skærmbillede 2018-01-11 kl. 12.24.16
Tiago Casanova, Series 2, 2012 To Find / To Search / To Recover, 2012