Mikkel Elming

Curator of DAY 13 / Fri, April 27
Artist: Michael Richardt (DK)

Mikkel Elming

Mikkel Elming (Denmark) is an art historian, a curator and the founder and chairman of FSK – The Association for Contemporary Art. Elming has been a part of all projects emanated from FSK involving institutions like ARoS, SMK, and Jytland Art Academy.

Elming is interested in the experimental and cooperative aspects of art and exhibition making.

Besides the art projects and exhibitions of FSK, Elming managers a small scale exhibition platform in Aarhus named Galleri Miel. Elming also works with communications at Kunsthal Aarhus and Randers Art Museum.


Project for EC1 24H:


Artist: Michael Richardt
Throughout 24 consecutive hours, Michael Richardt will investigate the notation of SPACE.
The performance is a part of the Artwork DADA – the work about my Father.
In my Fathers Image I ink and brush and piss.