Marie Dahl

DAY 15 / Sun, April 29
Artist & Curator

Curator of DAY 16 / Mon, April 30
Artist: Kristian Hverring (DK)

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Marie Dahl (b. 1978, Denmark), curator and interdisciplinary artist.
Works widely with audio, music and visual arts, installations and spatial surveys.

2015: Art Festival: Berlin Soup at WestGermany // Co-Curator + exhibiting and performing artist
2013: Exhibition: Kra Kra Crowfulness // Exhibiting Artist – Visual-, sound-and Installation art.
2011-2016: Curator: at WestGermany Büro für Post-Post moderne Kunst // Curator. Berlin, Germany

Projects for EC1 24H

Welcome Home

An anthropocentric worldview has separated me from terra.
A descendant of the stars and the oceans, I have become a stranger. Even unto myself.
What are we without her? Who am I without her?

As a true post-industrial human being, my body, my desires
and my despair are instrumental. No longer mine.

As a true post-post modern individual, I have become melancholic:
Mourning for something I cannot name.
For somewhere I used to belong.

Separated from my surroundings, I carry the burden of a constant longing for reunion.

I go searching.
I see the giant mirror: The world above me. The world beneath me.

Room installation with objects of seaweed and seagrass, video and sound.



Artist: Kristian Hverring
Tie the blindfold. Put on the headphones. Journey into darkness.

THE ONLY WAY OUT IS THROUGH is a binaural 3D sound and music exploration for headphones. An exploration of darkness. Real and imagined. Good and bad.
The dark is often perceived as the domain of destructive forces, of evil.

The dark keeps many secrets. We use the word to describe ideas and concepts we find mysterious and impenetrable. Dark matter and dark energy.

In darkness we find powers and urges that drive us to do things we otherwise wouldn’t do. It’s a fascination and an inspiration. We imagine other worlds and beings exist in the heart of darkness.

We look at the night sky and see stars dotting the infinite black and it is the most beautiful thing we have ever seen. We go through hell and come out the other end and life has never been more full of life.


Binaural sound is a way of recording and playing sound, which closely resembles the way we hear the world. Our hearing is in 3D. Binaural sound creates a very realistic aural illusion.

Please be aware that the room will be in complete darkness for the duration of the piece. The piece is not suitable for children.

Only 10 seats per showing.

16:00 – 16:30
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