Julie Jane Nissen

Curator of DAY 2 / Mon, April 2
Artist: Runa Norheim (NO)

Curator of DAY 3 / Tue, April 17
Artists: Bärbel Praun (D) and Miriam Hamann (A)

Julie Jane Nissen (b. 1989, Denmark) has an academic background from Aesthetics and Culture and the field of visual art at Aarhus University, Denmark. Besides an art-philosophical interest she is drawn by architecture and the curatorial aspect of telling a story through a given space and its particularities, as well as having a sincerely interest of the materials and the “being” of expressions.

She has a lot of experience of co-curating in groups with people coming from variants of fields, in and outside the art world.

The previous years she has mainly worked as a curator, as well as teaching art and architecture at Museum of Modern Art Aalborg in Denmark. In 2016 she co-founded FSK – Foreningen for Samtidskunst (The Association for Contemporary Art) and established the exhibition Aarhus Artspace which lead to the concept of EC1 24H Copenhagen. She has lived in Aarhus (DK), Ringkøbing (DK), Venice (IT) and is now based in Copenhagen (DK) working as an artist assistant for Tove Storch (DK) besides being project manager of EC1 24H Copenhagen 2018.


Projects for EC1 24H CPH


Artist: Runa Norheim
Runa Norheim explores notions of perception, representation and semiotics in a performance that encourages awareness towards what’s not yet here. Through descriptions and gestures she invites us into a world in the making.


Artists: Bärbel Praun and Miriam Hamann

Time seems to be a constant, eternal and absolute matter and at the same time a floating, fragile and failing one. In their exhibition Bärbel Praun and Miriam Hamann deal with the abstract component of time, its measurability and arbitrariness. They wish to understand time as an indefinite continued progress in their works as well as to grasp an unimaginable, though definite period of time.

In an everlasting performative act Bärbel Praun will build sculptures out of found objects and garbage, each one of them within a limited timeframe, lasting temporary and in a transformative process. Coincidences and failure will be included and welcomed. Exhibited photographs will be evidences, documenting this short moment of balance and fragility within the built sculptures. Alongside to this performative approach, Miriam Hamann’s works refer to representation and measurability of time. In a sound installation she includes the dependence of some clocks on the electrical network frequency whereas in her second work she investigates the precisely defined SI second as well as the leap second used for the synchronization of coordinated world time and solar time.

hamann and praun