Jayne Dent

Artist of DAY 17 / Tue, May 1
Curator: Anne Kathrine Zychalak Stolten (DK)

Jayne Dent

Jayne Dent (b. 1994, United Kingdom), artist and musician, is based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne (UK) working with performance, sound, print and photography. Her practice concerns belief, tradition, history and politics. By using these elements she creates uncanny, atmospheric works. Besides her artistic practise she makes music under the name ME LOST ME (I LOST MY) where she performed on the BBC in April 2017.  She is involved in producing publications, teaching workshops and programming performance events.




MayDay! MayDay! The light isn’t right and a sound you can’t place is rattling your bones to the core. You can’t feel the dirt between your toes here and there is certainly nothing that grows here. You, the audience, are invited to this: our festival. An atmospheric sound and light installation sets the scene for a live performance; using electronically manipulated experimental vocal sounds and spoken text, it will emerge, flourish into bloom and disappear once again into the soundscape. Drawing on archival research into fertility rites and traditional Spring welcoming celebrations that take place on the 1st of May across Europe, the work will suggest how we might celebrate a future Spring in an environment altered dramatically by irreversible damage of our own making. “Hail! Hail! The first of May!”

Performances Scheduled:
16:00, 18:00 & 20:00
Performances last approx. 20-30 minutes