Danilo Milovanović

Artist of DAY 19 / Thu, May 3
Curator: Paola Paleari (IT)


Danilo Milovanović (b. 1992, Bosnia and Herzegovina) is currently finishing his Master studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. In 2017 he studied in Prague where he currently lives.

His practice concerns art in public spaces and street art, whereby the idea defines the medium and the approach. Alongside from developing own artistic expression, he mainly explores characteristics of urban spaces in relation to nature, intervening and intruding in public spaces and treating them as venues of artistic practice. Danilo takes interest in intervening in living spaces and so covering a whole range from poetic to activist deeds. In his projects, he chooses simple means and builds significant visual pieces or situations through placing objects/subjects in certain relationships or coexistence.

He presented his works in Slovenia, Bosnia and Czech Republic. Danilo is an active member of Rog factory community. There, he manages the Zelenica exhibition space since 2015, in which were organised more than 20 solo and group exhibitions and various public events from the field of contemporary art.

Project for EC1 24H CPH


Although we expose a big part of our personality via social networks and on the net, the private things we carry with us in public describe us from a different point of view. The aim of the project is to explore the relation between the private and the public sphere in relation to intimacy, power and security.
Playing the role of a security guard, the artist will peep in your privacy in exchange for entrance pass. The result of this action will become the only material and visual trace of the project. 

Danilo Milovanovic_PhotoEC124H 1 web