Anne Kathrine Zychalak Stolten

Curator of DAY 8 / Sun, April 22
Artist: Alex Mørch (DK)

Curator of DAY 17 / Tue, May 1
Artist: Jayne Dent (UK)


Anne Kathrine Zychalak Stolten (b. 1992, Denmark) has a background from Jutland Art Academy and is now studying Performance Design at Roskilde University in Denmark. She has collaboratorial experience, both academic in terms of projects through her study as well as artistic through her collaboration with the artist Olga Benedicte (DK). Anne is interested in relations between people and their stories as well as their relation to spaces, which has evolved in sometimes interactive installations. The interest of spatial settings Anne unfolds in curatorial aspects, where she now works in the field between being an artist and curator. Anne curated a one day exhibition in Aarhus Artspace, 2017.  



Artist: Alex Mørch
In a dark gallery space only lit by candlelight, you’ll find various machinery and robots at work. Robotic arms are moving flames from the candlelights across the room, and intimate tensions are caused when flames and icy metallic objects meet. The sound of dripping candle wax will be intensified as it hits musical objects, and as time passes, shapes made from the dripping candle wax will take form. These contrasting elements will both separately and in interaction with each other revolve around a timbre examination of the only source of light in the room, namely candlelights.



Artist: Jayne Dent
MayDay! MayDay! The light isn’t right and a sound you can’t place is rattling your bones to the core. You can’t feel the dirt between your toes here and there is certainly nothing that grows here. You, the audience, are invited to this: our festival. An atmospheric sound and light installation sets the scene for a live performance; using electronically manipulated experimental vocal sounds and spoken text, it will emerge, flourish into bloom and disappear once again into the soundscape. Drawing on archival research into fertility rites and traditional Spring welcoming celebrations that take place on the 1st of May across Europe, the work will suggest how we might celebrate a future Spring in an environment altered dramatically by irreversible damage of our own making. “Hail! Hail! The first of May!”

Performances Scheduled:
16:00, 18:00 & 20:00
Performances last approx. 20-30 minutes