Alex Mørch

Artist of DAY 8 / Sun, April 22
Curator: Anne Kathrine Zychalak Stolten (DK)

Alex Morch

Alex Mørch (b. 1987, Denmark) is a sound artist and electronic composer who works with soundinstallation and performance. His artistic practice is based on a fascination of chaos, synchronicity, shamanism and transhumanism. Wobbly noisy machines, electronic sound, elements from opera and different types of light as well as darkness are some of the elements that are found in his installations. With the combination of electronics, acoustics, mechanics and flesh, the installations besides music gives a ritualistic and epic context.

Mørch holds a master degree in electronic composition from the Danish Institute of Electronic Music (DIEM) at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, where he currently attends the postgraduate soloist programme. In 2013 he spent a semester participating in lectures at Computer Music Center and School of Arts at Columbia University in New York City.

Project for EC1 24H CPH


In a dark gallery space only lit by candlelight, you’ll find various machinery and robots at work. Robotic arms are moving flames from the candlelights across the room, and intimate tensions are caused when flames and icy metallic objects meet. The sound of dripping candle wax will be intensified as it hits musical objects, and as time passes, shapes made from the dripping candle wax will take form. These contrasting elements will both separately and in interaction with each other revolve around a timbre examination of the only source of light in the room, namely candlelights.