Oct 11th, 2018
Down and Out
is a binaural 3D sound installation by Kristian Hverring taking place on October 11th at Charlottenborg Festsal in Copenhagen as part of SOUND FORMS Symposium.
Binaural sound is a way of recording and playing back sound, which closely resembles human hearing. We hear the world in 3D and recordings carried out with binaural equipment gives the listener the experience of being in the location where the recording was made.
Down and Out is an expanded version of The Only Way Out is Through, that was presented on Day #16 of EC1 24H Copenhagen curated by Marie Dahl.


Oct 5th, 2018
Inseparable Together opens on October 5th and runs through October 27th at Vadehavscentret in Ribe.
Inseparable Together is a collaborative project by composer Ellen Birgitte Rasmussen, videophotographer Alexandra Buhl and artist Nana-Francisca Schottländer that explores the artistic potential of a co-creational encounter with the Wadden Sea – a unique natural landscape and a Unesco World Heritage Site.
Nana-Francisca Schottländer was the artist of EC1 24H Copenhagen 2018 Day #12 curated by Paola Paleari.
Image by Alexandra Buhl.


Oct 4th, 2018
Slowroom Contemporary x Ene Bissenbakker 
opens on October 4th at Pavillon no. 11 in Copenhagen. On display, a new series of gouache works dealing with the fragile balance between color shades and the materiality of paper.
Slowroom Contemporary is run by EC1 24H curator Pete Lamberto and Casper Svendsen, who designed our logo.
Click here for more info (Danish only).


Aug 27th, 2018
Getting ready for tomorrow: The Artistic & Curatorial Thing organized by Sixty Eight Art Institute in Copenhagen runs Aug 28-31 with a program of morning workshops and lectures for the summer school’s participants and a series of evening public talks open to all.
We have been invited to kick off the program by presenting our experience in curating EC1 24H ad we look very much forward to it!


July 10th, 2018
SixtyEight Art Institute is organizing the second edition of The Artistic & Curatorial Thing: a free-of-charge intensive summer programme modelled as a series of workshops and lectures, which will focus on the various dimensions behind exhibition-making and artistic and curatorial research methodologies.
The team behind EC1 24H Copenhagen met at the first edition of The Curatorial Thing last year and a few weeks after we started working on our exhibition project – so the only thing we can say is that the programme is highly recommended!
The Artistic & Curatorial Thing will take place on August 28th-31st in Copenhagen and the deadline for applying is July 15th.


July 3rd, 2018
The third edition of Aarhus Artspace starts today and runs throughout July 28  Presenting one new show each day, Aarhus Artspace is like a ‘big sister’ to EC1 24H Copenhagen, which is based on the same principle. Both Aarhus Artspace and EC1 24H Copenhagen are organized by FSK – Foreningen for samtidskunst.


June 22nd, 2018
EC1 24H Copenhagen on IDOART.DK
A very nice article about EC1 24H Copenhagen 2018 has just been published on IDOART.DK – follow the link to read about some of the thoughts behind the project and see a selection of beautiful pictures from the 22 shows of our programme. Thank you again to all the artists and curators that took part in our art marathon, to our friends & partners and to LOKALE​ for hosting us! 💖

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 15.32.53

June 5th, 2018
Yesterday the team behind EC1 24H had a super hyggeligt evaluation meeting – we went through the project from this year and discussed future plans 


May 8th, 2018
During EC1 24H we met a lot of great people visiting our shows. One of them is Brandon Schell who recently broadcasted Contemporary Culture CPH, a new podcast dedicated to Copenhagen art scene.
In episode 001 he speaks with Runa Norheim, artist of Day 2 in our program, and Julie Jane Nissen, one of the curators behind EC1 24H Copenhagen and co-founder of FSK – Foreningen for Samtidskunst. Give it a listen!
Thanks for the interest in our project, Contemporary Culture CPH – we look forward to following you! 

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 10.54.38

May 3rd, 2018
Today we have a special treat for you: our friends from Bladr, that were guests of LOKALE before we took over the space with EC1 24H, are moving next door. They open at 12! And our #Day19 will start at 17.00 with Danilo Milovanović peeping in your privacy in exchange for entrance pass.
Make sure to swing by Griffenfeldsgade 27!

Logo_bladr_storudgave   Danilo Milovanovic_PhotoEC124H 1 web

April 27th, 2018
We have been imposed to cancel the performance BLACK24 by Michael Richardt. Due to potentially controversial content, Lokale (the art space that hosts EC1 24H Copenhagen) has decided to cancel the performance.

M R aflyst

Our programme is printed!

Programme2018 FINAL IG

My Mother is Pink – Film Screening

The Danish artist Michael Richard is a part of our program with BLACK 24: a 24 hours lasting performance happening April 27th.
On April 10th at 8 PM you will be able to experience his film “My Mother is Pink” at Sorte Firkant in Copenhagen.

For more info:


April 7th, 2018

Dear friends,

EC1 24H Copenhagen 2018 is fast approaching and we cannot hide that we are very excited! We have been working on this “kamikaze project” (as someone has described it) since September 2017 and feel ready for take-off!

EC1 24H is structured as 22 shows happening in 22 days from April 15th to May 6th, meaning that each day is presenting a new show. Everything will be located in the newly opened artspace Lokale near Folkets Park, the heart of Nørrebro, Copenhagen, and it will see the participation of more than 30 artists and curators from 10 countries.

The project wants to challange and play with how we produce, present and meet contemporary art. It specially wants to highlight the transformative energy that comes with the artistic process but is very often hidden behind the scenes.

Statens Museum for Kunst must have seen a potential in this concept, because on February 9th, 2018 we were invited to give a preview of the project during SMK Friday “Art in the Making”. It was a really good try out, both for us to fine-tune our concept and for the audience to get a taste of what’s gonna happen.

In order to finance the project, we’ve been challenged by the sometimes cruel gamble of funding, as many other artistic and cultural projects. Now, thanks to the help of many local sponsors, friends and partners, and of the dedicated artists and curators that accepted to work with no budget, EC1 24H is about to happen!

We believe that EC1 24H is contributing in showing and making art in ways, that will generate debates and new perspectives on art as the life around it. If you agree – you are more than welcome to support the project.

You can do this by joining the association that is at the inniative of the project: FSK – Foreningen for Samtidskunst (The Association of Contemporary Art).
FSK is a young association devoted to create and develop contemporary art through experimental projects and exhibitions in and outside the institution.

FSK is build on optimism, passion, co-creation and curiosity and is carried on by the people who engage with the association and the projects we create together.

By paying a yearly fee of 73 DKK, you can become a member of FSK. With your membership you support an association that works for contemporary art, while the association supports you. The more members we are, the more we can play!

Pay 73 DKK via mobilepay: 90888

The money that will be raised from today to the end of EC1 24H, will be used to cover the expenses of the project.

If you’ve had the time and patience to read to the bottom of this post, you might be willing to head to this page:

Thank you!

See you from April 15th! 

Et møde med materialer og mennesker: Sidsel Lehn Mehlsen

Read the interview with Sidsel Lehn Mehlsen, one of the artists of EC1 24H, on Af-Art Magazine. Danish only.


A conversation with Zuhra Hilal on Blacklisted

“If people are provoked by my art, it’s their own problem. What I want to do is to draw positive attention to some issues that are simply not discussed well enough.”

Zuhra Hilal, one of the artists of EC1 24H, explores the female body and sexuality in her works. She has talked to Blacklisted about the importance of this and about being an artist with a background in fashion.

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 14.57.56

EC1 24H CPH is on Instagram

As we are quickly approaching to the launch of EC1 24H Copenhagen 2018, we have set up an Instagram account where you can follow our activities. Find us at @ec1.24h.cph: the countdown has officially started!


SMK Fridays “Art in the Making”

Thanks to all who joined us for SMK Fridays “Art in the Making” on February 9th!
For us, it has been a great opportunity to offer a preview of EC1 24H and to test ourselves in sight of the launch of the project in April.
Here is a link to the programme and a selection of pictures from the night. Cheers!

Installation by Alex Mørch. Ph by Pete Lamberto

SMK Fridays “Art in the Making”

February 9th, 2018
from 4 to 10 PM, free entry
States Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen


We are excited to contribute to SMK Fridays “Art in the Making“, taking place at Statens Museum for Kunst in Copenhagen on February 9th, 2018, from 4 to 10 PM.

For this occasion we present two site-specific and constant changing installations by Marie Dahl and Alex Mørch and three performances by Runa Norheim, Kristian Hverring and Maria Nadia. During the evening the artworks and performances will develop in relation to each other, making it possible to the audience to witness the act of creating in its develeopment. The participating artists will be part of EC1 24H Copenhagen this spring, which is why this event is a chance of getting a sneak peek of the project!

Read more about the event at this link.
Attend the Facebook event at this link.

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