The EC1 24H Copenhagen 2018 archive derives from a curiosity about how to collect, capture and keep temporary art which do not come in a solid form but rather exists for a limited period of time.

Driven by the idea of exploring this aspect, we decided to ask the artist(s) of each day to donate  to EC1 24H an object that could represent their exhibition. These objects will constitute the EC1 24H archive, that will grow bigger day by day and constantly change accordingly to the objects that are left behind.

Every day, a picture of the object will be uploaded here on the webpage. The entire archive will be exhibited on the very last day of EC1 24H Copenhagen 2018: Sunday, May 6th.

While keeping track of each of the 21 exhibitions that constitute EC1 24H, the archive is at the same time an autonomous entity with a sense on its own; therefore, it is both retrospective and generates new artistic experience and aesthetic value.

In being a part of the same project and succeeding each other along 21 days, every exhibition can be seen in relation to each other, but will physically become a part of a bigger whole by being united and displayed all together.